Donald Trump Proves that Social Media Doesn't Always Win

When the results of last Tuesday’s election rolled in, the American people stood in shock. While one party celebrated their victory, both sides couldn’t quite believe it was happening. Although both sides remained hopeful that their candidate would be the next to win the White House, many of us thought America had already made its decision. If you scrolled through Facebook, you probably thought America was about to see the first female president, but in this case, appearances and reality were two very different stories. Americans learned a valuable lesson this election (alongside many others)—while Social Media is a very powerful tool, it doesn’t always win.

Social Media has become a daily ritual for the majority of Americans. Whether you’re waiting in line, need a break at work, or getting ready for bed, scrolling through our feeds makes us feel connected. It’s where we go to get a laugh; it’s where we share our hearts and pieces of our lives. Social Media can shape our opinions and actions, and ultimately, how we choose to live our day-to-day lives. It yells from the mountain tops. It has the power to unite and divide. Social Media has a huge presence in our lives, but trust us when we say,  its bark is worse than its bite.

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump had a plan and stuck to it, and that strategy led to his victory. He knew what target groups would help him gain support. Trump also stayed just removed enough from the current political system to keep his supporters on his side. Donald Trump, after all, is a businessman; he knows a thing or two about marketing and success. Whether you picked red or blue a few weeks ago, we can all take away some insight. Your Social Media and marketing can be the best out there, but there’s so much more that goes into the acceleration and success of business.

Business growth consists of many pieces and parts. When you focus on one aspect, you may see a rush of success. But to sustain growth, you need to make sure you’re covering all of your bases. Companies can have great Social Media campaigns with millions of followers. I’m sure you’ve seen it done before. They can have celebrities endorsing them, be seen all over television and billboards, have “like” after “like,” and still not gain the traction they need to make a name for themselves.

To grow your business, you need to know what you want and have a plan for success. Show people that they need you, in whatever way possible. Be just different enough that people take a second look and get curious. Don’t be boring, and don’t get bored. Tell a story, no matter how crazy or outrageous it seems. That way, when it comes time for people to decide, there will be no surprises. They’ll vote “yes” for you, and they might even urge their friends to do the same.

Whether you’re happy or sad about America’s decision, this election cycle has revealed some critical truths about Social Media and success. Know your tools, be wise and have a plan. Get people on your side, but make sure you know the actual size and impact of your followers. You may not dream of heading to the Oval Office, but understand that Social Media isn’t everything. It’s a part, but certainly not your key to success. Success demands more. Be remarkable.

Written by Elizabeth Lambert, Lead Copywriter