Jason Bradicich

Founder, Partner


Jason is a life-long entrepreneur, designer, and creative strategist that has worked with some of the largest brands in the world as well as countless startups. He has held a leading role in the founding, product design, and marketing design of multiple startups that landed in acquisitions. Through his experiences over the years, he has been able to fine-tune his craft and understanding of the critically important intersection of design, product, and marketing.


Griffin Kelton



Griffin holds extensive experience in marketing, operations, and design with companies both large and small—from corporations like Starbucks and Microsoft to startups that haven’t even been founded yet. Having spent time in both B2C and B2B markets, Griffin understands how to effectively market any product or service. He has been instrumental in several product launches and rebrands, using his deep understanding in both strategic and tactical marketing. Over the years, Griffin has used his business acumen and analytic methods to help companies grow and succeed.