Teas Etc

Teas Etc. has been sourcing, blending, and selling high-end loose leaf tea for over 18 years. They came to us with a commercial and consumer e-commerce need, and they had not updated their design or backend in nearly a decade.


Creative Strategy

Taste the experience. When working with Teas Etc., we had to deconstruct what they had and systematically identify what to fix and in what order. You can’t begin to solve the puzzle until you have an inventory of all the pieces. Once we had a clear understanding of the problem, we were able to build a solution, tailor-made for their B2B and B2C needs.



Teas Etc. hadn’t updated their e-commerce platform since they first launched it, almost ten years ago. They understood the clear need to revamp things to thrive in the current market.



We started with a Visual Identity refresh. Being a big player in the US tea industry for nearly two decades, we decided only to clean up their brand. Once this was complete, we were able to move onto a significant redesign of their e-commerce website, starting from scratch.



Through the Visual Identity refresh and E-commerce redesign, Teas Etc. was able to improve B2C numbers online and secure some of the largest wholesale accounts they have ever had.


Visual Identity

The client informed us they wanted to stick closely to their logo but were open to a refresh. With this direction, we developed and codified a Visual Identity system for them, inspired by their pre-existing logo. Given their print needs, we cleaned up the logo into a version ideally suited for both digital and print usage. 

Old Logo
old logo.jpg
New Logo

To ensure they were able to infuse their brand into their products, we codified a cohesive color palette for them and developed base iconography. In the end, Teas Etc.’s Visual Identity spoke closely to their product and resonated with their audience.

sip lockups.jpg

Ecommerce Website

Using the new Visual Identity, we leveraged the simplicity we developed in synthesizing the website design. Focusing on the beauty of tea while providing a “shop-able” user interface for two vastly different customers was only possible through extensive study and refinement of their digital customer experience.