Teart, based out of Santiago, Chile, has manufactured and sold their patented, eco-friendly tea infuser for years. Now you can find these infusers in over 200 locations across Chile. When Teart wanted to expand to the United States, we worked with them to redefine their brand for the new tea market.


Creative Strategy

Celebrating the art of tea. Every Creative Strategy differs. For Teart, it was important to bring together their origin with the current mission, vision, goals, and US-specific objectives. Understanding where they came from and where they were going, we polished their brand architecture, ensuring the voice and tone would shine cohesively in the brand’s Visual Identity.



Teart had success in South America but needed to capitalize on the US market to make it big.



First, Teart needed a whole new look to go with the new market they were entering. We took them through a full rebrand, working on not only the brand architecture but also their Visual Identity. To make a splash in the US, they also attended two trade shows. Giving them the best chance at exposure, we managed the pre- show logistics and designed their booth. That was the first real test of the new Visual Identity. Once we had everything locked in, we created a customer e-commerce website built on Shopify. While development carried on, we created enticing packaging that showed what the product was truly about.



Teart launched a fully-functional US-based e-commerce website, has a new brand that resonates with the US market, and received intense attention at both the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show and the World Tea Expo.



Origami inspired Teart’s new brand. Blending classic with modern, origami takes something as simple as paper and turns it into something more, paralleling Teart’s new take on tea preparation. Teart effortlessly elevates the art and creativity found in tea by creating an experience every consumer can enjoy.

Using geometry to build the logo, we designed depth into the visual, while still using flat shapes. The three-dimensional illusion is representative of origami, while not being overtly Japanese, which is something Teart wanted to avoid. The logo mark itself abstractly mimics both the shape of the filter and that of a cup of tea with a filter hanging off of the side—speaking to the core product and function of Teart, while still pointing to the art form found in tea. This abstraction opens the opportunity for the brand to grow, offering broader offerings in the future.


When looking at the composition of the logo mark, there’s an entire system that can be built out using these shapes to create patterns—imagine a creative take on tangrams. The uniqueness of the word mark is distinctive and easily readable. This system can be leveraged both by the brand and the community as Teart looks to celebrate the art and experience of tea.


Teart’s color palette takes a slightly different approach with earth tones. By using shades of yellow and orange, there’s a distinct connection to sunrise and sunset—times that one often enjoys tea. The juxtaposition of yellow/orange and shades of purple create a spectrum that is reminiscent of colors commonly seen in tea beverages. This color palette aligns with Teart’s brand characteristics: artistic, fun, simple, and healthy while telling a story that is purposeful and places attention on the experience of enjoying tea.


Ecommerce Website

Teart needed a quick and affordable e-commerce solution. We built a custom designed E-commerce website, leveraging Shopify’s platform and fully integrating with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Complementing Teart’s tagline, “Celebrating the Art of Tea” we developed a website that reflected tea as an elegant and exciting product—an experience worth celebrating. The focus harmonized both the product’s innovative functionality and the artistic expression of tea.



Teart’s packaging required a balance of high-design with value and volume—both requirements that were critical to their success within the US tea market. Therein lay the primary challenge.

We created a design that implemented a uniquely ownable pattern, developed from the logo, deconstructed into a system. The matte finish of the box provided a clean feel that celebrated the origami-inspired geometry found throughout the packaging. Since the product was new to most consumers, we placed a window growing out of the pattern that matches the shape of the infuser—easily showing the customer what they can expect to find inside in a unique, yet simple way.



From the beginning, Teart wanted to provide high-quality loose-leaf tea for everyone, while still making it easily on-the-go accessible. This mission led us to carefully balance Teart’s photography between product features, highlighting the infuser’s intrinsic value, and a lifestyle of drinking tea, elevating the day-to-day ritual.