SIVA Awards

The SIVA Awards by The Salvation Army are to honor those in Silicon Valley doing the most to help those in need.




SIVA Awards are often given to top Silicon Valley executives, entrepreneurs, and companies doing enormous things to help those in need. This meant the award needed an identity that made it look as big as it was. A SIVA Award isn’t some certificate of appreciation, it goes to people really changing the world.


I wanted to create an identity that made people feel like they were receiving something very exclusive. I kept the logo simple so that the brand created under it would do the talking rather than the logo itself. The two typefaces used are Tungsten Narrow and Chronicle Display. Both have a very established feel with just the right bit of personality.

Since most of the events are banquets I wanted a primary color that would work well for a formal evening event. Instead of an accent color, I decided to use a gold foil pattern to drive home the high-end feel. This is offset by the use of gritty black and white photography creating a theme that I call “gritty ritzy”.

This new identity was applied to various marketing and event materials such as signage, print invitations, email invitations, and nomination forms.


This new identity has allowed The Salvation Army to present the SIVA Awards exactly as envisioned. They have attracted the participation of some of the largest companies in the world.


Banquet Invite

SIVA Invitation Mockup.jpg

Event Signage


Nomination Form