Byte, based out of Austin, TX, aims to revolutionize your dining experience by indexing local restaurants according to their distance from your and their food options. After dining, users are given the opportunity to rate the food, helping other people decide where they want to enjoy their meals.


Creative Strategy

A new way to decide where and what to eat! We worked with Byte to hone in on what their market would want in a world hyper-saturated with apps for everything.



Make users and restaurants want to use the Byte app by elevating it above similar apps in the market.



We fleshed out a strategy with Byte that helped them stand out from other apps by offering unique features like gamifying food rating with rewards. We then built a Visual Identity that was an appropriate vessel for this strategy and fleshed out the Visual Identity when designing their app.



Byte ended up with a beautiful product on both iOS and Android that would reach countless people in Austin and beyond.


Visual Identity

When Byte came to us, all they had was a logo and an idea. We helped them revamp their entire company with a Visual Identity that fit their strategy and clearly convey they dealt with food. 

Our font choices cleanly tied into the play on words with “Byte” and paired well with traditional restaurant colors white, red, and black. We extended the brand with some food-forward icons.


Product Design

Before even diving into the design of Byte’s app, we needed to map out the functions and corresponding features. The need to clearly understand a customer’s path and idealize that for them is critical when designing. It serves as your horizon for every state. After mapping it out, we built out the design of iOS and Android interfaces, working closely with their developers to ensure these interfaces came to life as truly beautiful and functional apps.